Sout Azin Co. Ltd ’s history dates back to 1996, when this company was established in the field of Electronic, Software and Music by presenting its first invention “Ham Ava” device to all musicians.

The efforts of technical and research team of Soutazin have resulted in registration and production of many unique inventions in the field of music and associated science throughout the world.

Soutazin’s leadership and team have created a company that has been the pioneer and unique in the concept of developing Persian art music and distributing various kinds of musical accessories, instruments, and softwares through domestic and international markets;

As a result Soutazin has conducted its commercial goals to a large scale of export and import activities collaborating with international reputable companies.

Moreover, Soutazin’s musical online sales market (MusicShop) is considered as one of the most reputable and trusted resources among Iranian music professionals.

Nowadays Soutazin is being seen as the most renowned Iranian firm around the World and has a sharp vision to the future with its several world class products.